PNH National Services

Who should be tested for PNH?

The International PNH Interest group (I-PIG) and the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) have advised the following should warrant testing for PNH:

  • Patients with unexplained haemoglobinuria.
  • Patients with unexplained Coombs-negative intravascular haemolysis (high serum LDH), especially if associated with concurrent iron deficiency.
  • Patients with unexplained haemolysis.
  • Patients with unexplained thrombosis occurring at unusual sites such as Budd-Chiari syndrome, other intra-abdominal sites, cerebral veins and dermal veins, or with evidence of haemolysis, or with associated cytopenias.
  • Patients with MDS (refractory anaemia or hypoplastic MDS or any subtype with features of haemolysis).
  • Patients with Aplastic Anaemia.
  • Patients with persistent unexplained cytopenias.