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Poem – Abigail Batten

A lovely poem sent in from one of our patients on a clinical trial. 

Anticipation killing me

Been waiting years for this

Just had my last dose of a drug I don’t think I will miss


One complement inhibitor 

I’m ready now to trade 

For one that does a better job – a well designed upgrade 


My bone marrow in overdrive 

It needs a proper break

The new drug’s bound to give it that, and make me more awake 


Young blood cells you will get the chance 

To live a longer time

And I will get more energy- to cycle, swim and climb


No more will I be short of breath

When I attempt a jog

I just can’t wait to race my kids, my husband and my dog


I never thought I’d be the type 

To dream of exercising

But stuck in bed too often means it shouldn’t be surprising


I’ll swim a mile and run two more

Perhaps I’ll play some tennis 

And then I’ll buy a big canoe and paddle us to Venice 

July 8th, 2022 by Jacqueline Linn